Schaller Messtechnik stands as a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of professional-grade moisture measuring devices and comprehensive solutions in this field​

As specialists, we provide top-tier moisture meters and gauges for air and various materials, setting new industry standards in moisture measurement technology. Our latest innovation, the humimeter series, is a testament to our dedication to advancing the industry, meeting and exceeding customer needs, and improving the quality of measurements in the field of moisture measurements​​.


Being a leading entity in moisture measurement, we uphold the highest standards and comply with globally recognized norms. We have established a test laboratory that aligns with the requisites of the internationally recognized standard “EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017”. This ensures that our lab has been certified as an accredited test laboratory for the determination of water content, signifying our commitment to delivering dependable and accurate measurement results​​.

The process of acquiring and maintaining our accreditation speaks volumes about our dedication to maximum testing quality. This includes, among others, demonstrating top technical competence, implementing and continually refining a sophisticated quality management system, and maintaining comprehensive documentation - all to serve our customers better​​.

At Schaller Messtechnik, we take pride in our ability to develop tailored measuring solutions that respond to the unique demands of our clients. From moisture and temperature monitoring to automatic measuring systems, dryers, conveyors, and plant systems, we provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance operational efficiency and precision in various industries​1​.

Experience the Schaller Messtechnik difference today and leverage our expertise to optimize your moisture measurement processes for better results and improved operational efficiency.


We develop measuring solutions tailored to the individual demands of our customers


Moisture and temperature monitoring, automativ measuring systems, dryers, conveyors, plant systems

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