The product line



The constant development of Schaller products and the decades of experience lead to the revolutionary humimeter series.  Higher measuring ranges, higher resolution and extremely high calibration accuracy to the relevant reference material are only a few of the significantly improved performance features of this new device version.


In addition the humimeter series impresses with long-time stable moisture and temperature sensors, measurement within seconds and numerous menu languages like English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and many others on request.


All devices of this special type are offering a lot of individual advantages in the relevant application areas and you can easily identify this highly accurate moisture meters by their blue design.


Thousands of customer specific humimeter moisture meters have been produced and delivered to industrial customers, to universities and research institutions all over the world.


Why is quality important for us?


The moisture meters of the product line humimeter are already used worldwide and they are present in nearly every branch and sector of industry, where the control of the moisture content is important.


Due to the fact that there is such a wide area of application, each single device has to be in conformity with our high standard of quality.


This high standard is guaranteed by the development and production at the business location Austria and practiced like our motto

„Where there is responsibility in moisture measurement, there is also quality“.


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