Temperature transmitter

Temperature transmitter for laboratory- and climate control, drying, wood processing industry, food industry, humidity in constuctions, agriculture, printing and paper industry, animal feed industry, biotechnology an pharmaceutical industry.


quick - strong - long-term stable

Temperature Transmitter

Art.No.: 12334

Precision air temperature transmitter –20 to +60°C

  Power supply 24VDC (DC 15 to 29 V),
Electronics temperature range -20 to +60°C,
Calibration +/-0,2°C (at 25°C),
Output temperature 4 to 20mA, (-20 to +60°C),
Scaling: 0.2mA/°C
Art.Nr.: 10347 T 85/120 Temperature transmitter -40°C to +120°C with sensor Temperatur transmitter tube made of stainless steel and feeder clamp
  Power supply: DC 24 V (DC 15 to 29 V).
Temperature range: -20 °C to +85 °C.
Calibration: +/-0.5 °C (at 25 °C).
Output (temperature): 4 to 20 mA (-40 to +120 °C).
Scaling: 0.1 mA/°C.
With wall fixture.


Your benefits

  • Long product life by using a strong industrial design
  • High long-therm stability and repeat accuracy
  • Low installation time

Extended accessories

Art. No. Picture Extended accessories
10006 Calibration equipment for instrument for probe Calibration equipment for instrument for probe
10352   Certified calibration ampoules - set of 5, 50% r.h.
10005 Certified calibration ampoules

Certified calibration ampoules - set of 5. 2 x 35% r.h., 1 x 50% r.h., 2 x 80% r.h.

10249 Stainless steel sinter sensor cap Stainless steel sinter sensor cap
12456 Drip-catcher for LF-T transmitter Drip-catcher for LF-T transmitter
12487   Stainless steel lattice filter
10727 Bronze sinter sensor cap Bronze sinter sensor cap
10592 calbe -temperature sensor calbe -temperature sensor
12497   Checking the calibration of devices from RLF, RLF-T, RLF-TS, LF-T series
10403   Factory calibration certificate Protocol documenting the adjustment at delivery for air humidity meters
10550   5 meter connecting cable for sensor cable plug
12011   Special request - flat rate for air humidity transmitters series
per order - irrespective of the quantity ordered
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