G110 Analytical Balance and Moisture Analyzer

The moisture analyzer G110 is an analytical balance for determining the moisture content of various materials. The weighing range of 110 grams with a precision of 0.005 grams allows for accurate measurements of small, unknown, fluid or pasty materials humimeter devices cannot be calibrated for.


The moisture analyzer uses a heating chamber to dry the material with temperatures of up to 199°C. Once the automatically terminating drying process is done the moisture analyzer calculates the moisture content based on the mass difference.


This process is highly accurate but tedious. That's why we recommend our product finder which recommends one of our numerous specialized products based on the material you want to measure. Our specialized products offer practical handling, mobility and blazingly fast highly accurate results. If you don't find any suitable product, the G110 moisture analyzer still is the way to go.




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article no.: 12153 Moisture analyzer and analytical balance G110

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12154 Bowl for probes for moisture meter G_100 packing unit of 100pcs. Probe bowls for moisture analyzer, packing unit of 100pcs.

Analytical balance and moisture analyzer

The G110 moisture analyzer for various materials with a fully automatic measuring process works as follows.


The moisture analyzer is an analytical balance for determining the moisture content of materials. Start by taking an appropriate amount of your material and pouring it into the measuring bowl.

After putting the bowl into the moisture analyzer the analytical balance weighs the material and starts the measuring process. The moisture analyzer dries the material automatically until the weight is constant and stops automatically when it's done.


The results are displayed on the display of the moisture analyzer.

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