humimeter MS4
Salt moisture meter


The portable humimeter MS4 salt moisture meter for various kinds of salt with fine and coarse structure. The small and handy salt moisture meter is highly mobile and can be used to measure the moisture of salt anywhere - fast, easy and reliable.


Its characteristics make it especially well suited for measuring the moisture of road salt and other types of salt used for industrial purposes.


  • Measuring range: 0.00 to 3.00% water content
  • Resolution: 0.01% water content
  • Measuring depth: 30mm, minimum material thickness: 50mm
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +50°C / 32 to 122°F   
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Temperature can be set to  °C or °F as required
  • Measurement within seconds without prior treatment of samples
  • Degree of protection: IP64
  • Hold function, manual saving of results, datalog for 10,000 logs with measuring point report
  • Large, well-lit LC display
  • Menu languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian
  • Dimensions: 145 x 95 x 28 mm, weight: 265g (with batteries)
  • Scope of supply:  humimeter MS4 salt moisture meter, humimeter USB data interface module with LogMemorizer
  • measuring data recording and analysing software on USB flash drive incl. USB cable for PC,
  • rechargeable batteries, wooden case with proof plate

article no. N.: 13250 humimeter MS4 salt moisture meter


Accessories and Extensions

Art. No. Picture Accessory / Extension
11733 Thermo printer runs by battery, industrial model, portable Thermo printer runs by battery, industrial model, portable
Dimension: 180 x 100 x 45 mm, weight: 0.4 kg

MS4 Salt moisture meter - Handling and measuring procedure

After selecting the calibration curve for the material to be measured (fine or coarse), press the salt moisture meter onto the salt surface with appropriate pressure. Water content and temperature can immediately be read off the large, well-lit display. By performing various measurements at different points, the salt moisture meter automatically determines the average water content.


Via the integrated data logger the measuring results can be stored directly on the MS4 salt moisture meter and additional data like supplier or measuring point can be added. The USB interface enables the transfer of measuring values from the salt moisture meter to a PC and is also used for recharging the integrated rechargeable battery.


The included LogMemorizer software can read the measuring results from the salt moisture meter, additional information can be added, and the data can be archived, exported (e.g. to Excel) and processed.


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