humimeter SW1
mould and air guard to prevent mould


Prevent your home against mould with the humimeter mould and air guard. The device sends an alarm to you if there is any danger of mould formation and tells you when it is necessary and possible to aerate the room.


Why you should use air guards

Airing cellars and rooms is one of the most important activities when it comes to preventing mould. However, to get rid of unwanted moisture the right conditions have to prevail.

So the critical question is: When to air?


From a technical point of view this question is answered easily: Airing is sensible if the absolute humidity outdoors is lower than in the room. If this conditions does not hold airing the room will actually increase the humidity level in the room.


The problem humans encounter when deciding whether to air or not is actually determining the absolute humidity which is almost impossible without using a proper measuring device. So to guarantee correct airing of the room one has to rely on air guards like the humimeter mould and air guard!


  • Evaluation of risk of mould (no/little/increased/high/very high risk of mould),
  • relative air humidity 0 to 100%, resolution 0.1%RH,
  • temperature can be set to °C or °F as required,
  • temperature  -10 to +60°C / 14 to 140°F, resolution 0.1°C,
  • absolute air humidity 0 to 130 g/m³, resolution 0.1g/m³
  • Hold function, manual saving of results,
  • automatic datalog for up to 10,000 logs with measuring point report,
  • menu languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and many others on request.
  • Scope of supply: humimeter SW1 with batteries
  • Optional calibration curves: 
    equilibrium moisture content UGL 2 to 30%, resolution 0.1%,
    Activity of water (aw-value) resolution 0.001%,
    dew point -55 to +60°C / -67 to 140°F, resolution 0.1°C
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Your benefits

Art.No.: 13555 humimeter SW1 mould and air guard - to prevent mould


Extended accessories

Art. No. Picture Extended accessories
12278 Oprogramowanie do archiwizacji i analizy danych pomiarowych na PC/Windows humimeter USB data interface module with LogMemorizer measuring data
recording and analysing software on USB flash drive incl. USB cable for PC
12485 oprogramowanie do archiwizacji i analizy danych pomiarowych na PC/Windows z akumulatorami humimeter USB data interface module VERSION FOR RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES
with LogMemorizer measuring data recording and analysing software on usb flash drive
incl. USB cable
13340 Wewnętrzny, zintegrowany moduł Bluetooth klasy 1 (do 100 metrów) Internal Bluetooth class 1, integrated module class 1 (up to 100 metres) for humimeter mould and air guard devices - to prevent mould. Combinable with USB interface.


Health threat by mould:

The formation of mould always goes along with an increased moisture concentration in your room. Already a relative humidity of 70% encourages the growth of mould in living spaces. An increased air humidity can be caused by conventional activities in the household like cooking, taking a shower or drying of laundry. Also plants and humans release water, which is emitted into the surrounded air. Furthermore, in new buildings residual moisture from building material can be released. In order to prevent an infestation or the increased growth of mould spores in living spaces, simple measures like reasonable ventilation and appropriate heating can be taken.If your living area is already infested with mould, this should be treated rapidly and effectively, and a new formation should be prevented. The appearance of mould can also cause allergic reactions of the body as well as inflammatory reactions and infectious diseases.

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Function Preventing and avoiding mould:

Position the mould and ventilation monitor on the provided holder in your room. Switch on the instrument and select the calibration curve Risk of mould. After a adjusting time of a few minutes the instrument clearly shows the level of risk (no/little/increased/high/very high risk of mould).

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Function ventilation monitor:

Switch on the instrument and select the calibration curve Absolute humidity. Measure the absolute air humidity in your room, and subsequently the absolute air humidity outdoors (hold the instrument out of the window or go outside). Please ensure an adequate adjusting period! If the absolute air humidity outdoor is lower than the air humidity inside the room, a riskless ventilation is possible. On the other hand, if the outdoor measuring value is higher than the indoor one, ventilation will increase the risk of mould.



If for example in the basement the humimeter SW1 shows a high level of mould risk, it has to be acted quickly to prevent the appearance of mould. Measure the absolute air humidity indoors as well as the absolute air humidity outside via the function Ventilation monitor.


Example 1:

Absolute air humidity indoor: 14.5 g/m³, absolute air humidity outdoor: 8.5 g/m³You can open the windows for ventilation without any risk. With this measure the situation is improved significantly, reducing the risk of mould (preventing and avoiding mould).


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Example 2:

Absolute air humidity indoor: 13.8 g/m³, absolute air humidity outdoor: 24.4 g/m³
If you open the windows for ventilation, this will worsen the situation, as the humidity inside the room will increase further. This will provoke the appearance of mould.

In this case we recommend using a moisture absorber or awaiting more favourable weather conditions.

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